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wh00t. i'm back. finally. :D

and i actually have some products to 'sell'. they are currently only availible in the king philip massachusetts area. IM for more details.

1. book purses.

book purses are currently going for $25 a purse. all purses contain velcro tabs and pockets. you will be able to pick colors from 12 availible books. above is one example. i will negotiate cheaper prices in exchange for burned cds.

2. tote bags.
no pictures yet, but i will make tote bags with any heavy-weight fabric you purchase (1+ yd) for $10 for the work. the bags will be about the size of a textbook with the ability to fit approximately 2 text books. i must get the fabric at least a week before you need the bag.

that's all folks. comment if you are interested in joining my fun little co-op or selling my bags or just being cool and buying one. :D
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